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Delicious, home made style food is the order of the night at the Rapid Journey Bistro which is open every night we race.


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After just the first night of racing with the new Hoop Arm Lure in operation, trainers have lauded the new system as a success.


Richmond Race Club General Manager, Brad Adam, said the feedback from the trainers was welcome and a big relief.


"As with any changes, particularly changes to the way we have conducted greyhound racing for many years, people are often sceptical and worried about the ramifications but after last week. we had a number of trainers comment on how good they thought the new hoop arm lure was in relation to less interference in the races," said Adam.


"I know its only been one meeting and we obviously need to wait before we can consider all the information relating to cleaner racing and less injuries, but hopefully the trend will continue in the future and with it slated to be introduced to tracks around NSW hopefully it will continue to be a benefit to the greyhound racing industry.


As well as the Hoop Arm lure, the club has introduced a bungy style lure in the catching pen to encourage greyhounds to chase into the pen and handlers also reported that there seemed to be less interference at the conclusion of races.


"As most people who have ever caught a greyhound will tell you, the catching pen area is a area of a racetrack which needs to be closely monitored in regards to injuries to greyhounds and humans and the bungy style lure system encourages greyhounds to continue running into the far end of the pen before gradually slowing down," said Adam.


Plans are underway for the Hoop Arm Lure to be introduced to tracks across NSW in the near future.

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New Hoop Arm Lure earns the plaudits from Trainers after first night of racing