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Richmond was issued its first Galloping and Trotting licence in December 1911 and the first meeting at the Londonderry track was conducted on Tuesday 17th December, 1912 and apart from the grimmest years of the Great Depression during 1931-35 when they did not function, the Club has continually staged racing events.


The Club generally held four or five meetings a year with saddle horses racing against horses driven in sulkies until the late 1930's.


Galloping events ceased in 1952 and the Club existed only on its Trotting licence. In October 1955 Greyhound racing was introduced on the straight track racing on Saturday afternoons over two distances.


The property, 110 acres, was purchased by the Club from the estate of the late Mr. P. Duffy in 1958 at the cost of seventeen and half thousand pounds, which included a cottage and land opposite the racetrack.


Soon after the purchase, the Londonderry Trotting and Race Club Limited was formed in February 1958. In July 1967 the club changed its name to the Richmond Race Club Ltd and continued running Greyhound and Trotting races.


With the introduction of off-course TAB betting, Richmond developed a new grass circle greyhound racing track in 1968 and commenced racing on a non-TAB basis until March 28, 1969 when full TAB coverage was granted. Two years later Trotting was also given full TAB coverage.


The Club was the leading provincial club in New South Wales, if not Australia, from the early 1970's with the administrative efforts of Elwin Holmes and John Varley while race-caller and television host Frank Kennedy, ensured the club received unprecedented coverage. Because of Kennedy, Richmond was the first greyhound club to have their races broadcast on television when Channel 7 showed replays of the Richmond events on Punters Post Mortem…a show Kennedy co-hosted.


In 1987 the Richmond Race Club Committee had discussions with the NSW Harness Racing Authority over the future of their 1312 metre circumference right-handed grass track and the changes they wanted to make. The track was closed for six months in August 1987 and re-opened on the new left-handed track on March 28th. Ten years later the Club conducted its last Harness meeting on Tuesday 30th December 1997.


A betting ring with in excess of 20 bookmakers was commonplace during the halcyon days of the Club and TAB turnover on a Friday night greyhound meeting was only slightly inferior to the Saturday night metropolitan meetings.


On June 4, 1999, grass racing ceased, and the loam circuit commenced racing with a non-TAB meeting on Sunday, September 5th 1999. The first TAB meeting was held on Friday, September 10th and Monday night greyhound racing commenced on October 5th 1999.


In 2016, the Club now conducts 104 Greyhound meetings throughout the year on a Wednesday afternoon and Friday night and has given both Greyhound and Harness racing enthusiasts many years of memories going back to the early days when the greyhounds raced down the straight and the Club started some 35 horses from the shutes of the Richmond Paceway.

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